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      Technology & Capabilities

      Fanrock has driven more than $50 million in sales for its clients. These are some of the components that led to this success.

      Product Catalog Integration

      Online stores often offer thousands of SKUs, each with a unique buyer audience. Fanrock unlocks the long tail products through push marketing.

      Fanrock connects with your brand through an integration with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. We then identifies a unique audience for each product and targets the most likely buyers with a personalized ad on social media.

      Case study: Unlocking the long tail

      Fanrock auto-generated product listings and prospecting ads on social media for a client’s catalog of over 10K products. Grew monthly sales from $20K to $2.5M.

      Ad Creation and Optimization

      It would be nearly impossible for an in-house marketing team or agency to manually manage separate ads across thousands of products. Fanrock’s advertising system does this automatically.

      After ads are launched, our system dynamically chooses the best creative after testing, optimizes bids to ensure profitabiity, scales up budgets for winning ads, and kills losing ads based on a set of heuristics based on the brand’s goals.

      Case study: Ad Automation

      By the numbers: Managed > $15M in ad spend by automating audience targeting, creative, bids and budgets for over 100,000 ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest.

      Multi-Channel Reporting and Management

      The sheer number of products and ads for our clients overwhelms the native Shopify reports and Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor. We needed a faster, more flexible way to view ad performance and glean trends.

      Our proprietary dashboard brings real-time e-commerce sales metrics together with your Facebook ads so you can run your business in one screen.

      Case study: Data Driven Merchandise Planning

      Built product creation flows and real-time analytics to enable 15-person design team to pipeline, test and produce over 100 new products per day.

      Fulfillment Integration

      In this new model of e-commerce, specific products are created for traditionally underserved markets, and are sold through highly targeted ads on social media. To accomplish this made-to-order model across various products and geographies, Fanrock integrates with dozens of manufacturers and fulfillment centers around the world.

      How? We built a “smart” fulfillment system that routes customer orders to various fulfillment centers based on product speciality, availability, quality and turnaround time of the fulfillment service. After the fulfillment centers ship customer orders, we automatically sync tracking numbers with Shopify.

      Case study: Apparel and Jewelry

      Added apparel and jewelry designs to a client brand. Dynamically routed > 2M made-on-demand orders to various fulfillment centers around the world based on turnaround time, quality, and pricing.

      Interested? Get in touch!